Trailer Coupler Ball Lock


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Choose the Weigh Safe Coupler lock for a trailer security system that goes beyond the ordinary – where strength, convenience, and versatility meet. Protect your investments and embark on your journeys worry-free, confident that your trailer is in the safest of hands.

Secure Your Trailer with Confidence: Ensure the safety of your trailer while stationary with the Weigh Safe Coupler Lock. Crafted with precision using aircraft-grade aluminum and hardened steel, this sleek and solid design secures your trailer & valuable possessions.

Enhanced Theft Prevention: Both locking member arms lock in place, providing enhanced theft prevention. This innovative feature ensures that your trailer stays right where you left it, adding an extra layer of security to your adventures.

Hardened Steel Dual Shank Lock: Experience peace of mind like never before. The hardened steel dual shank lock ensures that only you have access to your trailer.

Keyed-Alike Convenience: Simplify your life with the convenience of a single key for all your locks. All Weigh Safe locks, including the coupler lock, can be keyed-alike. Say goodbye to the hassle of multiple keys – now, locking and unlocking your trailer and hitch is effortlessly streamlined.

Easy Push-In Lock: Enjoy the simplicity of our easy push-in lock mechanism. Securing your trailer has never been more straightforward – just push, lock, and relax, knowing your belongings are safe and sound.

Dual-Use Lock for Versatile Protection: Flip the ball plate over, and it transforms into a versatile lock for other applications – use it as a bike lock or secure additional gear with confidence.


  • Sleek & solid design made of air-craft grade aluminum and hardened steel
  • Easy push-in lock
  • Both locking member arms lock in place for improved theft prevention
  • Dual-use lock: simply flip the ball plate over to use as a lock for other applications (e.g. a bike lock)