Weigh Safe 180° Hitch

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The 180 Turnover Hitch is the definition of ease and adaptability. This hitch features a double-sided tow ball, making switching tow ball sizes easier than ever. The 180 Turnover Hitch is available in 4", 6", 8", and 10" drop lengths and 2", 2.5”, and 3” receiver sizes. This hitch can be used in both the rise and drop positions, offering the ultimate range of height adjustability for any and all trailers.

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Weigh Safe Storage Case
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Please verify that your hitch receiver matches the shaft size you select above. See Our Hitch Receiver Size Guide for help or call/text 801.820.7020 or email support@weigh-safe.com.


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Constructed of aircraft grade aluminum, the 180 Turnover Hitch is rated up to 21,000 Lbs Max Gross Trailer Weight and 2,200 Lbs Max Tongue Weight.


Comes with a double-sided 2″ and 2-5/16" tow ball in your choice of stainless steel or chrome-plated steel. Switching the tow ball size is as easy as removing the Dual Pin Key Lock and flipping the slider 180 degrees.


Towing a different trailer and need to adjust the height of the tow ball slider? No problem. With the Dual Pin Slider Lock, height adjustability and switching the tow ball has never been easier. Add in the option to use the 180 Turnover Hitch in the rise position and you have the ultimate adjustable hitch. This hitch can also be flipped around and stowed out of the way when not in use, saving shins everywhere. (Note: The 3” shank size and 4” drop cannot be stowed.)




Need more security? Choose from a wide variety of accessory locks to further secure your truck and trailer. Order your ball mount with a Hitch Locking Pin or an entire Lock Set (Hitch Locking Pin, Coupler Latch Lock and Padlock) and have them all keyed alike to your Steel 180 PRO. You read that right, ONE key for everything! 

Looking for a storage solution when you’re not towing? The Weigh Safe Storage Case conveniently holds not only the ball mount, but additional tow balls and lock accessories.

1- Drawbar 1- Combo Ball
1- 180 Slider 1- Ball Retaining Pin
1- Key Lock Assembly 1- Dust Lock Cover

Drop Lengths 4" Drop
6" Drop
8" Drop
10" Drop
Shaft 2", 2.5", or 3"
Ball 2" & 2-5/16" Chrome Plated or Stainless Steel Balls Included
Max GTW 2" Shank: 2" ball - 8000 lbs 2 5/16" ball 12,500 lbs
2.5" Shank: 2" ball - 8000 lbs 2 5/16” ball - 18,500 lbs
3" Shank: 2" ball - 8000 lbs 2-5/16" ball - 21,000 lbs
Max Tongue 1,500 lbs (2" Shaft), 2,200 lbs (2.5" & 3" Shafts)
V5 & J684 certified
Drop Hitch Adjustment 1” increments
Weight 4" Drop = 16 lbs
6" Drop = 18 lbs
8" Drop = 19 lbs
10" Drop = 20 lbs
Ball material Stainless steel
Pin Dual pin key lock assembly included
Rise All hitches may be used in rise position *Gain 1 inch (e.g., 4” drops are 5” rises)
Total Height Add 3 inches (*e.g., 4” drops measure 7" from the top of the receiver to the hitch base)
Hitch Pin Hole 5/8" Diameter
Compatible with Clam Shell
***Our Weigh Safe 3" shank sizes are not stowable