One Key For All Weigh Safe Locking Accessories

Imagine a world where you can have multiple locks for your varying towing needs, all enabling safety and preventing theft. 

Got it? Okay. 

Now imagine that you only needed one key for all of those locks. 

Just kidding, no need for imagining here.

Let’s start by looking at the locks offered here at Weigh Safe (and don’t worry, we’re sure that by the time you finish reading this you’ll know how to get your locks keyed alike).

dual pin key lock - Weigh Safe locking accessories
dual pin key lock - locking accessories
Weigh Safe dual pin key lock

dual pin key lock

First up, we have our Dual Pin Key Lock Assembly. This lock allows you to securely lock the ball mount in place, by inserting it into the slider portion and through your drawbar.

The Dual Pin Key Lock Assembly is included in our Adjustable Ball Mounts and True Tow Weight Distribution Hitch.

hitch locking pin - Weigh Safe locking accessories
Weigh Safe hitch locking pin
hitch locking pin - locking accessories

hitch locking pin

Secondly, we have our Hitch Locking Pin. Having a hitch locking pin is vital as it secures the entire ball mount to your vehicle, enabling a safe towing experience and prevention of theft for your hitch.

Our Hitch Locking Pin is 3-½” in length, has a diameter of ⅝” and fits all Class V receivers (2”, 2.5” and 3”). However, industry standards for 3” receivers is to use a .25” thick receiver tube. If your 3” receiver uses thicker material, there is a chance the hitch pin will be slightly too short. 

adjustable trailer coupler latch lock - Weigh Safe locking accessories
adjustable trailer coupler latch lock - locking accessories
adjustable trailer coupler latch lock

adjustable trailer coupler latch lock

Thirdly, check out our Adjustable Trailer Coupler Latch Lock which locks the trailer coupler onto the tow ball. It is important to lock the coupler latch before you tow to prevent the trailer from detaching during a towing session and damaging the towing vehicle and/or trailer. Additionally, locking the trailer coupler latch with or without the tow ball inserted can help prevent theft.

Furthermore, you can use the Adjustable Trailer Coupler Latch Lock on multiple trailers with varying latches. It is 4-½” long, ¼” in diameter and is made of stainless steel.

padlock - Weigh Safe locking accessories
Weigh Safe padlock - locking accessories
Weigh Safe padlock on toolbox


In addition to our other locking accessories, our Weigh Safe Padlock can be used for any of your applications. For instance, you can use this padlock for tool boxes, tackle boxes, carrying cases, coolers, or enclosed trailers.

Our Weigh Safe Padlock is made of hardened steel and has a clean chrome finish. The diameter of the shackle is ¼” thick, with a height of 1-13/16″. Total height of the padlock is 3″.


Yup, you heard that right. Nobody wants to carry around a key ring with a whole buncha’ keys. 

Wanna know how to order your keyed alike locks? Say less.


If you are a new Weigh Safe Customer or you are purchasing a new Hitch: 

All items placed on the same order will be automatically keyed alike (no need for a key code!). You can add any lock accessory to the same order as your hitch and it will come keyed alike. Please make sure that you add each lock separately from our Locks & Keys Page to your cart.

If you are purchasing a new lock with an existing Weigh Safe key code:

You can order each lock separately and include your key code in the Key Code Box for each locking accessory. In order to get a specific keyed alike lock, you will need your specific key code that is on your existing lock/key, 

Your Weigh Safe Locking Accessories & More

Here at Weigh Safe we are all about safety and having a towing Peace of Mind, all the way from our ball mounts down to our locking accessories. Whether you need locks, dust covers, or replacement keys for your Weigh Safe product(s), we have you covered.