How To Properly Install Your Dual Pin Key Lock Assembly

How To Properly Install Your Dual Pin Key Lock Assembly

dual pin lock assembly

Dual pin key lock assembly instruction are as follows. Our Key Lock Assembly (part # WS03) is the dual pin lock plate that secures the slider/sliding ball mount in place on the L-shaped draw bar. It is constructed from aircraft grade aluminum with a barrel lock to prevent someone from walking off with your ball mount. We have many different key codes, all of which start with an “H3” and are 5 digits long.

These Key Lock Assemblies come with both our Weigh Safe Adjustable Ball Mount and our Weigh Safe 180 Drop Hitch but are also available for purchase separately. Whether you’re buying a whole hitch or the key lock assembly on it’s own, it will come with both a dust lock cover and a set of 2 keys. This dust lock cover is a rubber cover that protects the lock from getting grime and debris inside. Keeping this dust lock cover on at all times will help keep the lock functioning properly and ensure that you will be able to unlock your key lock assembly the next time you need to adjust your hitch.

When ordering the key lock assembly separately, there is an option to input a key code just in case you are wanting it to match a specific code! But if you’re not looking for it to match and just need a new one altogether, you can simply add it to your cart and we will send you a random code.

As a part of your pre-tow checklist, you should make sure that your key lock assembly is in working condition and functioning properly. Before inserting, check to make sure that the finger or latch on the inside of the barrel lock portion functions. If it is functioning properly, you should be able to press down on that latch and it should pop right back up. If it does not pop up after pressing it down or is already stuck down, you might need to get a replacement key lock assembly.

Below is a photo of what a properly functioning key lock assembly should look like:

dual pin lock assembly

It is important to know that this key lock assembly has a specific way in which it needs to be inserted into the ball mount. First, you must make sure that you are sliding it into the correct side of the slider that has the three holes. This is important so that the lock can engage properly; if it is inserted on the other side, your slider will not be securely locked onto the draw bar.

Below is a photo of the correct side of the slider that the WS03 should be inserted on:

Once you have ensured that you are inserting the pin on the correct side of the slider, you will need to then make sure that the key lock assembly is pointing away from the tow vehicle. The lock plate of the key lock assembly has a flat side and the opposite side comes to a rounded point. It is that rounded point that needs to be pointing away from your tow vehicle and towards the trailer.

Correct way:

Incorrect ways:

After you have checked that you have inserted it on the appropriate side and facing the correct way, push the key lock assembly all the way in to secure the slider and draw bar. Once it is in all the way and the keys have been removed, pull on the lock plate to ensure that the lock has engaged properly. You should not be able to pull that key lock assembly out unless you have used the keys to unlock it. If you pull on it and confirm that it is secure, you can then place your dust lock cover over the key lock assembly and hit the road with a towing peace of mind.

If you insert the key lock assembly, remove the keys and are still able to pull the dual pin out of the slider, something has failed with the key lock assembly and you will need to get a replacement. If you tested the finger/latch as previously mentioned and it doesn’t pop back up, and you double check by inserting it into the slider and can pull it out without unlocking it, you will need a replacement.

Towing with a key lock assembly that has malfunctioned or a key lock assembly that is not inserted correctly/appropriately is not safe for you and your passengers or for those on the road with you. You will need to get a replacement key lock assembly before you head out to your next destination.

My Dual Pin Key Lock Assembly Won’t Unlock!!

If you do not keep a dust lock cover secured over your key lock assembly, the chances of debris clogging up that lock is very probable. To ensure that your key lock assembly stays in working condition, the dust lock cover needs to be used at all times! If you notice that your lock is struggling to work, we first recommend cleaning it out with soap and water and then using a lubricant like WD-40 to try and get the lock working again.

For either situation, please reach out to our Customer Support via text or call at (801) 820-7020 or email at and we would be more than happy to troubleshoot and get this issue resolved.