How To Restore Your Weigh Safe Trailer Hitch

Fun Fact: Trailer Hitches get dirty. 

Throughout all of your many towing adventures, dirt, salt and grime will make contact with your hitch. Duh, you might be thinking. Even though your hitch was made to handle rugged and outdoor conditions, it’s never a bad idea to make sure your hitch is clean. 

Keeping your trailer hitch clean not only makes it look nice, but can also help prolong the longevity of your hitch and keep it working the way it should. 

If you keep your aluminum Weigh Safe Hitch on your vehicle throughout the year, most likely it will look something like this:

grimy trailer hitch
grimy weigh safe aluminum trailer hitch with rust from receiver
grimy salty trailer hitch

As you can see, there’s some road debris, dirt, and rust on the hitch. Keep in mind that aluminum doesn’t rust, so the rust that is on there is from the vehicle’s receiver.

You’ll also find that sliding the Weigh Safe Slider will sometimes slide on the drawbar less smoothly as it was brand new. This is due to the dirt and grim building up over time, but don’t worry! Cleaning the components will restore that smooth-ness. 

For regular trailer hitch maintenance when it comes to keeping your Weigh Safe Hitch clean, you can use regular soap and water to clean the components. This goes for any of our Aluminum, Cerakoted, or Steel Weigh Safe Hitches. 

But if you have an Aluminum Weigh Safe hitch that looks like the one above, you’re probably going to want Weigh Safe’s Polishing Kit.

Weigh Safe’s Polishing Kit will provide you with what you need to get your hitch lookin’ brand new again. This polishing kit can only be used on pure Aluminum Hitches (do NOT use it on any Cerakote Weigh Safe Hitch or Steel Weigh Safe Hitch).

Here are the following Weigh Safe Products this kit can be used on:

So if you’ve got a Weigh Safe Aluminum Hitch that needs more than just soap and water, you’re in the right place. 

First you’ll want to use regular soap and water to clean off the hitch components. Try to get as much dirt and grime off as possible.

You may also clean your dust lock covers with regular soap and water to get off any dirt or salt. 

After rinsing off your hitch, dry the components completely. These next few steps will require the Polishing Kit.

sudsy weigh safe aluminum trailer hitch - how to clean your trailer hitch
sudsy weigh safe aluminum trailer hitch polished with weigh safe polish kit

While wearing disposable gloves, you can use the polishing fiber to brush all desired aluminum surfaces. Be sure to brush WITH the factory grain of the aluminum to renew the brushed finish. 

The polishing fiber is great for removing any grime or rust that is sticking to the aluminum even after you initially washed it. 

After you’ve finished brushing all desired aluminum surfaces with the polishing fiber, grab the polishing cleaner. Spray the brushed areas with the polishing cleaner liberally and dry completely with the microfiber rag provided to finish off your hitch maintenance. You can repeat this until your hitch looks as good as you want it to.


Your hitch went from looking like this…

grimy trailer hitch

…to this!

cleaned trailer hitch
(In case you’re wondering: Yes, that is the same hitch.)
clean aluminum trailer hitch

Use Your Weigh Safe Polishing Kit for the Best Results

Weigh Safe’s Polishing Kit is a great way to get your Aluminum Weigh Safe Hitch looking and working just as it did when you first bought it.

So if your Aluminum Weigh Safe Hitch needs a little bit of TLC, click the button below to purchase your Polishing Kit today!