The Universal Tow Ball


universal tow ball

The Weigh Safe Universal Tow Ball is our hitch ball that measures tongue weight and can be attached to any platform that is ¾” thick. This tow ball has an easy-to-use, built-in scale that measures your trailer’s tongue weight every time you tow and it’s stainless steel construction resists rust and corrosion. This tow ball comes in the following three sizes and has a max GTW as follows:


universal tow ball

We have three different versions of the Universal Tow Ball. Our WSUN-1 is the Universal Tow Ball that comes with a 2” tow ball and a clam shell tow ball converter. The WSUN-2 is the Universal Tow Ball that comes with a 2” tow ball and no clam shell and our WSUN-3 is the Universal Tow Ball with a 2 5/16” ball. Each of which are made from high corrosion resistant 303 and heated treated 416 stainless steel components.

This ball MUST be attached to a ¾” thick platform, no more or less. The reason being is that there is a rod inside the tow ball shaft that presses down on an internal plunger when pressure is applied to the ball. If the platform is not exactly ¾” thick, the gauge will not read how it is supposed to. Also, the mounting hole on the platform must not exceed the ball threaded shank diameter (1” thick) by more than 1/16”. This is one of the most common questions about the Universal Tow Ball so it’s super important to double check that your platform is ¾ “ thick!

Installing The Universal Tow Ball

To install the Universal Tow Ball onto a platform:

  1. Insert the platform into the receiver sideways to make it easier to tighten the tow ball onto the platform.
  2. Then, insert the 2” hitch ball main shaft into the ball mount and attach the lock washer.
  3. Once the lock washer is in place, fasten the gauge housing as tightly as you can with your hands.
  4. Take 2 – 1 ½ “ wrenches and tighten the nuts to 100 pounds foot torque.
  5. Make sure that the gauge runs perpendicular to the ball mount so the gauge is in a readable position.
  6. Reinsert the platform in the upright position and lock in place with a hitch locking pin.
  7. Use a 3/16” hex wrench and tighten the ball set screw until the gauge reads 100 pounds. After 100 pounds has been reached, back out the set screw until the gauge has stopped decreasing.

Prior to tightening the ball set screw, notice how much slop is in the ball. If you tighten the set screw and then back it off correctly, the ball does not have any slop but is still able to swivel. If you tighten the ball set screw too much, the ball will not be able to swivel and could increase wear and tear on the ball. This demonstration is shown in the video below.

universal tow ball installation

If you purchase the WSUN-1, you can use the Clam Shell for quick conversion from a 2” hitch ball to a 2 5/16” hitch ball. All you have to do is place the Clam Shell converter on top of and over the 2” ball and close tightly. This Clam Shell comes in combination with the WSUN-1 but can also be purchased separately. It is important to not leave the Clam Shell inserted on the 2” hitch ball when not towing. The Clam Shell should fit snug while it swivels to reduce corrosion and wear and tear.

Also it is important to note that although the Clam Shell converts the 2” tow ball to a 2 5/16” tow ball, the ball is still rated at the 2” hitch ball weight rating. Using the Clam Shell does not increase the amount of weight you can tow. So, the 2” tow ball with the Clam Shell converter, rates at a GTW of 10,000 pounds.

As always, make sure that your tongue weight is within 10-15” of your GTW. If the scale indicates that your tongue weight is too low or too high, you can adjust it before you head out so that you can complete your journey with peace of mind, knowing that your setup is safe.

Here is a video of the Universal Tow Ball and how to install it: