Weight Distribution Hitch with True Tow Technology

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True Tow Weight Distribution Hitch

The True Tow Weight Distribution Hitch is one of our latest Weigh Safe products.  It has been an absolute hit since its release late last year! With so many awesome and beneficial features, our True Tow hitch is the best weight distribution hitch on the market. It has a built-in scale to measure not only your tongue weight but your distributed tongue weight, or as we like to call it DTW! (We will explain this in more detail in a separate blog)  Until now, nobody in the market has been able to provide this extremely important benefit.  

The True Tow has a live adjustment system, which means, say goodbye to time consuming adjustment techniques just to get your hitch somewhat distributed correctly! Instead of reassembling your entire hitch just to get the head assembly at the necessary height, all you have to do is turn the lead screw to the required DTW, and away you go!

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The True Tow Weight Distribution Hitch has a dual pin key lock assembly which protects your hitch from theft and provides easy and more accurate height adjustments with 1” hole increments. It is also designed with an extended sleek design that generally gives you the ability to lower your tailgate without hitting anything on the front end of your trailer.  You will use our Weigh Safe app to calculate your needed measurements for distribution.  You input the data and the app does the calculations for you.  No more guesswork!  This added benefit truly distributes the tongue weight of the trailer between the back axle of the tow vehicle and the axle (s) of the trailer and returns the lost weight off the front axle to provide you with a safer and smoother ride. 

And last, but not least, the True Tow hitch provides anti-sway friction areas that help reduce sway caused by wind or passing vehicles. 

Before our True Tow Weight Distribution Hitch hit the market, the towing industry did not have complete solutions for weight distribution. Now, with our hitch in the industry, you can have towing peace of mind knowing that your load is truly distributed. Why be kinda safe when you can be Weigh Safe?

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