Why be kinda safe?
When you can be Weigh Safe

Weigh Safe trailer hitches are the only hitches on the planet with a built-in scale that measures tongue weight to improve towing performance.

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How Tongue Weight Affects Your Vehicle

Don’t be this guy with
too much tongue weight

Or this guy with
too little tongue weight

Because you might end up with
your life at risk like this guy

Tongue Weight Demonstration Why Tongue Weight?

Towing Peace of Mind

Find out how Weigh Safe can help you perfectly balance your vehicle’s towing load and improve trailer performance.

Learn More About Tongue Weight

Knowing And Managing Your Tongue Weight Is One Of The Most Important Things You Can Do To Make Sure You Always Have A Safe Towing Experience.

Check Out Our Videos Below To Find Out What Can Happen If You Don’t Have Your Trailer Loaded Correctly.

Meet Doug

Doug is focused on creating life-long memories with his family of four, and doing it safely. With Weigh Safe, he can ditch the old bathroom scale and focus on what’s really important.


As Wally’s looking forward to retirement, he is getting his RV all dialed in for when his grandkids come to visit. With Weigh Safe, Wally is able to balance his RV correctly and have Towing Peace of Mind.

Meet Carl

Balancing heavy equipment on a trailer isn’t so easy when you don’t know your tongue weight… especially when you’ve got an important job to get to. With Weigh Safe, Carl can load his trailer properly with ease and make it to work safely.

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