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Weigh Safe, LLC – Limited Lifetime Warranty

This Limited Lifetime Warranty covers every Product under the Weigh Safe brand (“Product”) of the original consumer of the Product (“You”) and lasts as long as You own the Product. 

This Limited Lifetime Warranty covers defects in the material or workmanship of the Product. The decision of whether a Product needs to be repaired or replaced under this Limited Lifetime Warranty shall be at Weigh Safe’s discretion.


This Limited Lifetime Warranty Covers:

  1. Any defects in material or workmanship of the Product that are present at the time the Product left Weigh Safe. 
  2. Weigh Safe Tongue-Weighing Gauge
    1. If the Product’s Gauge is defective within one year of purchase, Weigh Safe will repair the gauge for you at no additional cost. If the Product’s Gauge is defective outside the one year of purchase, You are responsible for the shipping costs of the repair, and Weigh Safe will repair the gauge at no additional cost. 
    2. If You prefer to repair the Product’s Gauge at your own convenience, Weigh Safe will provide you with a Gauge Repair Kit at no additional cost. Gauge Repair Kits can also be purchased from Weigh Safe. 


This Limited Lifetime Warranty does NOT cover:

  1. Normal wear and tear, including but not limited to:
    1. Wear around the shank of the Trailer Hitch due to the towing vehicle’s receiver. 
    2. Wear on the Product’s  tow ball due to the trailer coupling. 
  2. Finishes (including machined, brushed, cerakoted, painted, powder coated, and chrome-plated finishes).
  3. Damages caused by accidents, abuse, misuse, neglect, misapplication, overloading weight ratings, improper installation, improper maintenance, and improper repair. 
    1. If the Product was involved in an accident, it is advised to not continue to use the Product. There may be unknown structural damage to the Product that can result in Product failure.
  4. Stolen Products.
  5. Modifications and alterations made by any person or entity other than Weigh Safe.
  6. Consequential or incidental damages including but not limited to: loss of vehicle use, loss of time, towing or vehicle rental, property damage, travel expenses, lodging, meals, or any other consequential or incidental damages. 
  7. Service or labor charges including but not limited to: Product Installation, Product Removal, Alterations or Modifications, Improper Maintenance, and Improper Repair. 

We are always happy to help you! If You have any questions or issues with a Product, please contact us at 801-820-7020 or customersupport@weigh-safe.com. Not every Product issue may be a defect and will need to be evaluated by our Customer Support Team. 


How to Submit a Warranty Claim:

To make a claim under Weigh Safe’s Limited Lifetime Warranty, You must fill out Weigh Safe’s Warranty Claim and provide all required information requested in the claim. Click here to fill out a Warranty Claim Form. Weigh Safe will evaluate all claims and provide further instruction per the Claim’s resolution. 

Retain your Sales/Order Receipt of Products to verify the date of purchase and that You are the original purchaser. Retain all records and information regarding any claimed defects or damage of Products in case you need to make such evidence available to Weigh Safe for a Warranty Claim.

Warranty claims for Products without a Sales/Order Receipt and required information are subject to being denied.

If the Product needs to be returned within the determined resolution, Weigh Safe will provide a Return Merchandise Authorization with a prepaid shipping label with further instructions following the claim’s resolution. The returned Product needs to be shipped to:

Weigh Safe, LLC

420 North Geneva Road

Lindon, UT 84042

Any Product returned to Weigh Safe without a Return Merchandise Authorization will not be processed and is subject to being returned to You at Your expense.