In November of 2013, Weigh Safe emerged in to the towing industry when it first introduced the now patented trailer hitch ball mount with a built in scale that measures tongue weight.This innovative product introduction occurred at the SEMA Show where it won the show’s Best New Tools and Equipment Product of the year.

Since that day, Weigh Safe has become the only trailer hitch manufacturer in the United States with patented technology that revolutionized the industry and created an even more important demand for safety and performance.Weigh Safe has brought the towing industry a true “Towing Peace of Mind”.

Weigh Safe is headquartered in Lindon, Utah, with USA and Global experts in mechanical, manufacturing, electrical engineering, and precision hands on design and machining. Our product development and manufacturing team continue to innovate in the development of products of ALL towing categories along with new innovative towing accessories.

Our products are cut from aircraft grade aluminum, stainless and high quality steel components which are programmed and machined to the tightest tolerances on state of the art CNC machinery. This type of high quality manufacturing cannot be done without a unified, high-character operation and manufacturing team.In a short period of time Weigh Safe is now manufacturing more aluminum adjustable trailer hitches than any other hitch manufacturer in the United States.

We are proud of the rigorous inspection and testing processes to ensure we meet or exceed the industry standards and expectations.Each product goes through a comprehensive quality control and packaging process to ensure lifelong durability all over the USA and the world.

Our customer support and product fulfillment team are comprehensive in their efforts to take care of our customers and deliver an exceptional buying experience for our customers, dealers, and distribution partners, wherever they might be.

We have and will continue to work hard to improve and enhance the towing industry, ensuring that ALL of us can have towing tools and equipment that provide a safer high-performing experience at work and home, and enjoying the many awesome adventures that towing provides us!Enjoy your Weigh Safe Towing Peace of Mind.


Kevin McAllister (1961-2018) gained national attention when he won the 2014 Best New Product of Tools and Equipment at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas for his tongue weighing trailer hitch, Weigh Safe. However, McAllister was making a difference long before he thought of the innovative Weigh Safe Adjustable Ball Mount.

Through the years McAllister has accumulated 14 individual U.S. patents for an array of novel innovations. These patents span the breadth of the automotive industry, yet share a single goal: safety. The Weigh Safe Adjustable Ball Mount is the pinnacle of McAllister’s professional achievements as it quickly grows to be one of the most popular towing accessories in the United States. It took over a decade of research and development to perfect the design, “Towing Peace of Mind.”

Today, our Weigh Safe Team is hard at work continually developing new innovations to ensure that our products are among the safest and highest quality in the towing industry. The Weigh Safe True Tow Weight Distribution System, Clam Shell, Aero Hitch, Weigh Safe Gooseneck Ball, and other towing accessories are just a few of the new products that Weigh Safe has designed. In the upcoming years, Weigh Safe plans on releasing many more products that will significantly improve the towing and automotive industry forever.

Since the unveiling of the Weigh Safe Adjustable Ball Mount, we have expanded into all 50 states and even Australia, Canada and Europe. With our state-of-the-art products, skilled and dedicated team, and desire to help people tow safely and properly, Weigh Safe has now become a dominant force in the towing industry.”


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