How to Measure Tongue Weight |

Kent Sundling from Mr. shows trailer owners how to measure tongue weight with the Weigh Safe trailer hitch in this informative video. Specifically, Kent uses Weigh Safe to properly balance a 5600 LBS loaded trailer being pulled by a GMC Canyon for a safe and comfortable ride on dangerously snowy highways through Rocky Mountain […]

The Best Trailer Hitch for First-Time Trailer Owners

You want to buy a boat or some Jet Skis, a Gator or a couple of ATVs. But you have no way of getting them to the lake, the dunes, or wherever you may be going. You need a trailer. However, the question remains of what hitch you should purchase to connect the trailer to […]

Safe Towing: The Importance of Tongue Weight

Tongue Weight, It’s a bigger deal than you think. Since 1975, trailer-related fatalities have climbed to 19,582. Since 1988, reported injuries have surpassed 800,000 and over 2 million vehicles, boats, trailers, and other property have been damaged or totaled (Source: But no one wants to manually measure tongue weight. Before Weigh Safe, you had […]