Rubber Tailgate Bump Stop


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Durable Materials – Our durable rubber material is designed to protect your tailgate and last.

Restore Functionality – When your tailgate is folded down, this rubber bumper stop will prevent contact with the drawbar. Avoid damage to your truck with Weigh-Safe.

Trustworthy Quality – At Weigh Safe, we are proud to manufacture quality products that you can rely on.

The Weigh Safe Rubber Bump Stop will help protect your GM Multi-Pro tailgate from colliding with our aluminum Weigh Safe drawbars.

**Please note that putting weight on or standing on the tailgate with the product will still result in damage to the tailgate.

Our rubber bump stop is compatible with Chevy and GMC Multipro tailgates. Want to know if this bump stop will work with your vehicle? Contact our team with any questions.