Weight Distribution Draw Bars



Each drop is actually 3″ longer than the drop listed (i.e. the 4” drop is actually 7” in total length)

This steel draw bar was designed specifically for our True Tow Weight Distribution Hitch. It has a solid shank design and a gusset connecting the shank to the drop portion to provide added strength for this specific hitch.

Features 6″ Drop Hitch 8″ Drop Hitch
2″or 2.5″
2” shank – 15,000 lbs & 2.5” shank – 20,000 lbs
High-strength steel with black powder coated finish; shank is solid steel.
V5 & J684 certified
Drop Hitch Adjustment
1” increments
Weight 23 lbs, 27 lbs 29 lbs, 32 lbs
All hitches may be used in the rise position ***Gain 1” (e.g.) 6” drops are 7” rises
Total Height
Add 3” (e.g. 6” drops measure 9” from the top of the draw bar to the base)
Hitch Pin Hole
5/8″ Diameter
NOT compatible with any of our aluminum components; ONLY compatible with our Steel Weigh Safe Slider

***Our Weigh Safe 3″ shank sizes are not stowable