Blog and Mr. Truck Features Weigh Safe

Weigh Safe is featured in’s 2015 Light Duty V-8 Challenge. In the 2015 Light-Duty V-8 Challenge they tested five brave half-ton 4x4s to their limits to find out which one should take the crown. They brought along truck expert Kent Sundling from to help out. In this video, Kent is showing some of […]

How to Measure Tongue Weight |

Kent Sundling from Mr. shows trailer owners how to measure tongue weight with the Weigh Safe trailer hitch in this informative video. Specifically, Kent uses Weigh Safe to properly balance a 5600 LBS loaded trailer being pulled by a GMC Canyon for a safe and comfortable ride on dangerously snowy highways through Rocky Mountain […]

Perfect Christmas Gift for Truck Owners

Christmas is around the corner and if you’re like me, you never know what to get for people. My mom always says, “Having you home is my present. You don’t have to get me anything.” What kind of son doesn’t get his own mother a Christmas present? Give me a list for crying out loud! […]

The Best Trailer Hitch for First-Time Trailer Owners

You want to buy a boat or some Jet Skis, a Gator or a couple of ATVs. But you have no way of getting them to the lake, the dunes, or wherever you may be going. You need a trailer. However, the question remains of what hitch you should purchase to connect the trailer to […]

Weigh Safe Looks Back on SEMA 2014

The annual SEMA (Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association) show is a week-long Christmas for automotive innovators, dealers, and buyers. This year was no exception with over 2,000 new products, 2,300 exhibitors and an estimated crowd of 130,000 filling over a million square feet of the Las Vegas Convention Center.  You could not leave without buying yourself […]

Weight Safe Gets an Update: New Features and Look

Weigh Safe turned heads at the 2013 SEMA (Speciality Equipment Manufacturers Association) show in Las Vegas, winning the award for Best New Tools and Equipment. Weigh Safe will return to SEMA this year with even more features. The new and improved hitch looks nothing like the old one, but has not departed from its mission […]

Safe Towing: The Importance of Tongue Weight

Tongue Weight, It’s a bigger deal than you think. Since 1975, trailer-related fatalities have climbed to 19,582. Since 1988, reported injuries have surpassed 800,000 and over 2 million vehicles, boats, trailers, and other property have been damaged or totaled (Source: But no one wants to manually measure tongue weight. Before Weigh Safe, you had […]