What’s Happening To The RV Industry During This Pandemic


rv industry duing covid19

The RV Industry During This Pandemic

What does this worldwide pandemic mean for the RV/trailer industry?? Flying is out and road trips are making a comeback! As vacation and traveling norms are changing due to the coronavirus, we are having to find alternate ways to get out of the house and vacation all while still following new social distancing rules. Right now #vanlife and road tripping are even more appealing to Americans and others all around the world. Many have been stuck inside for months now and people want to get outside, even if that means camping in their backyard! How we see it, the RV industry during this pandemic is about to boom.

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The effects and aftermath of situations like these are hard to predict but so far so good…RV dealers and parts suppliers are looking to prepare for a potential spike in sales! Which only makes sense since flying/hotels isn’t the most ideal form of vacationing right now. 

An article done by Auto Evolution found a new survey done by Pilot Flying J. They surveyed a smaller group of 2,000 people and found that more than half haven’t cancelled summer plans but rather they have changed their means of transportation to get to their destination. Driving may take longer depending on where you’re going but it does have its pros: flexibility, more affordable, and sightseeing opportunities. And especially nowadays, driving aids in the social distancing effort that is in place. 

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Just because people are in lockdown and quarantined doesn’t mean Americans stopped making vacation plans. In this survey, Pilot Flying J found that 65% of those surveyed added an additional number of summer trips due to all the extra time at home to research and find deals. With so many people wanting to hit the road, the RV industry (both RV rental companies and RV dealers) has experienced a great increase in demand.

Thor Industries Inc. recently published the first comprehensive report for the RV industry in regards to North American RV consumer travel and purchase intent since COVID-19. Here is a link to their report and all their findings. Basically, Thor Industries Inc surveyed nearly 20,000 people, including both current and prospective RV owners in the US and Canada. 94% of those surveyed stated that they still plan to vacation this year with almost half of those people planning to vacation all the way into October. 79% of those surveyed still plan to use their RV or trailer the same amount or more this year regardless of the coronavirus. 

Of those 20k respondents, 78% of prospective RVers are considering purchasing a new trailer this year and 18% of current RV owners are considering a new RV purchase. Of both those groups, 50% said they are most likely to purchase between the months of May to August. 

I also found some other interesting articles that state RV rental companies are claiming a 650% increase in rental traffic since the beginning of April. These companies are very similar to the Airbnb or VRBO concept except with trailers/RVs instead of houses. People can rent these for a certain amount of money per night and drive to their vacation destination. And to add to the enticement, gas prices are low right now which makes road tripping even more appealing!

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The COVID-19 spread has put us all in situations where we aren’t quite sure what to do or how to proceed. If you’re looking to get out of the house and explore, all while staying 6 feet apart and following your states social distancing rules, go on a road trip, go camping, go to the lake, get outside instead of being cooped up for days on end! And if you decide to do any of those activities and find yourself needing a trailer hitch in order to get there, give us a call. We’d be more than happy to help you out and get you the best product to keep your family and those you love safe on the road while you vacation. Why be kinda safe when you can be Weigh Safe.