Safe Towing: The Importance of Tongue Weight

Tongue Weight, It’s a bigger deal than you think. Since 1975, trailer-related fatalities have climbed to 19,582. Since 1988, reported injuries have surpassed 800,000 and over 2 million vehicles, boats, trailers, and other property have been damaged or totaled (Source:

But no one wants to manually measure tongue weight. Before Weigh Safe, you had to find a bathroom scale, elevate it at ball height with a box or cinder block, and place the tongue directly on top (Source: We hope your scale can handle 1,000 pounds. But let’s be honest. Most people would rather eyeball it, hop in the truck, and pray for everything to go smoothly.

Other hitch manufactures tend to focus on and argue about adjustment heights, multi-ball features, and aluminum versus steel, but none offer the ability to effectively measure the very thing that creates an unsafe tow, tongue weight. Weigh Safe offers competitive features plus protection for your family and everyone else on the road.

The Weigh Safe hitch saves lives, prevents injury, and protects your property.

Weigh Safe is the only hitch in existence with a built-in scale to measure tongue weight. Why is knowing tongue weight so important? Too much can affect your driving maneuverability; too little and your trailer might fishtail, swinging into other lanes – or it might just come off the ball.

The bottom line: Failure to measure tongue weight is irresponsible and endangers life and property.

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