Weight Safe Gets an Update: New Features and Look

Weigh Safe turned heads at the 2013 SEMA (Speciality Equipment Manufacturers Association) show in Las Vegas, winning the award for Best New Tools and Equipment. Weigh Safe will return to SEMA this year with even more features. The new and improved hitch looks nothing like the old one, but has not departed from its mission to save lives.

The new Weigh Safe comes in both 2” and 2.5” shafts to accommodate both older and newer truck models. You should not have to buy a new receiver or a new truck to get a Weigh Safe, though it might be a good excuse. “Honey, I need that 2015 Ford F-150 so this Weigh Safe will fit. Otherwise, I will endanger my life and other drivers on the road.”

The old hitch was a simple straight-cut hitch. Weigh Safe now comes in three different drop sizes – 10”, 6”, and 4” – that adjust in one-inch increments. The drawbar can easily flip the other way around if you want a rise. If you still want a straight-cut, the company plans to release a newly designed straight hitch in the near future.

Both 2” and 2-5/16” balls are included with your Weigh Safe hitch. Swap them out according to your needs and lock into place. We know how frustrating it is to get your ball stolen by hooligans for no other reason than to annoy you. Nobody needs a paperweight that badly. The double pin that holds the slider in place also locks.

We finally come to the built-in scale that measures tongue weight. That is not a new feature but we sure do like to talk about it. Saving lives was the inspiration behind the invention, not the afterthought. The built-in scale is and always will be the defining feature of Weigh Safe. The ability to properly load your trailer to stay out of harm’s way will always be the defining benefit.

Check out our new videos for in-depth look at Weigh Safe.