How To Get Extra Keys Made For Your Weigh Safe Hitch

I don’t know about you, but I am always spending half of my day retracing my steps looking for my phone, where I set my glasses down, or where I threw my left sock; however, losing my keys makes the top of the list of items I lose the most.  Although you more organized folk may never experience this, I experience it on the daily.

For all of you who understand what I’m going through or would like to prepare yourselves with a backup set of keys for emergencies, you can certainly order another set (or two) on our website.

Let me explain how to do so:

  1. Visit our website,

  2. Hover your mouse over PRODUCTS, select MORE PRODUCTS

  3. On that page you’ll see a set of keys. Simply select that item and enter your key code in the specified box (the key code should start with a “H3***”. If it starts with a different letter or number, please reach out to us to confirm that we can get that key code made.)

                **There are two different locations where you can find your key code:

    • On the keys themselves, near the top of your keys you’ll see an engraved 5 digit key code beginning with a “H3***”
    • On the hitch, look where you would normally insert your keys. On the round, barrel lock portion you will see that engraved 5 digit key code beginning with a “H3***”
**Sometimes it is hard to see the engraved key code and you will need to catch it in just the right light in order to see those numbers.

     4.  Add to cart!

For any questions you have, please feel free to use the chat option by using the message button on the bottom screen, email us at or you are welcome to give us a call at (855) 366-9988.