Weigh Safe is Now Stowable

Have you ever accidentally hit your shin on a trailer hitch? Whether it’s your own hitch or someone else’s, there’s nothing that makes you more angry and upset all at the same time. It can either bring cuss words flying out of your mouth or tears welling up in your eyes..and sometimes it even brings both! 

Not too long ago I lived in an apartment and one of my neighbors drove a big lifted truck that had this massive hitch on the back and because the truck was so big, they had to back into their parking spot so that they didn’t hang out into the road. But because they had to back in, that meant their truck covered most of the sidewalk and there was an overgrown bush on the opposite side. So, if you wanted to get by, you had to physically step over the hitch. On any normal day, it’s just another thing to do in order to get to my car but on that specific day, I was in a hurry and it was one of those days where nothing was going right. I went to step over the hitch and my friend was following too close behind me. I got my first foot over and as I was bringing my second foot up and over, my friend hit my leg which then made me kick the hitch. 

I didn’t know whether I should cry, scream, or just laugh because it’s just my luck. Gave me a nice deep scrape, some bruising and now a scar. Why am I telling you this story? Because most of our adjustable hitches are now STOWABLE!! You can slide that slider/head assembly portion off and reinsert it onto the draw bar in the stowable position underneath the truck. Say goodbye to beat up and bruised shins! When you’re not towing, you can put your hitch in this stowable position to not only save your shins, but the shins of everyone who walks by your truck! (Please note that our hitches with a 3” shank size are not stowable and our 4” drop length in our 180 drop line is also not stowable.)

Why be kinda safe when you can be Weigh Safe?!