The Best Trailer Hitch for First-Time Trailer Owners

You want to buy a boat or some Jet Skis, a Gator or a couple of ATVs. But you have no way of getting them to the lake, the dunes, or wherever you may be going. You need a trailer. However, the question remains of what hitch you should purchase to connect the trailer to your vehicle. So you Google “What hitch should I buy?” and you are flooded with all sorts of confusing terms and conflicting opinions.

Your decision will probably come down to two possible options: A gooseneck hitch or a receiver hitch (tag-along).

The advantage of a gooseneck hitch is that you can make tighter turns. However, for an inexperienced trailer owner, that only increases the likelihood of taking out street signs or driving over curbs. A receiver hitch sticks out at the rear of the vehicle which means your trailer has a normal turn radius. (Source:

To install a gooseneck, you must have a pickup truck with a bed. Don’t go trade in your Chevy Tahoe or Ford Expedition. You can install a receiver hitch on almost any type of vehicle. Just make sure you check into your vehicle’s towing capacity.

If you read product reviews and internet forums you may reach the conclusion that gooseneck hitches are safer. Goosenecks mount above the axel instead of toward the back of the vehicle. The positioning of the hitch reduces the chance of fishtailing. But that is where Weigh Safe comes in, ensuring that your receiver hitch tows the load safely.

Fishtailing usually occurs when a trailer is too back-loaded – not enough weight on the tongue. The heavy weight concentrated at the back of the vehicle works the way a pendulum would, the weight causing the trailer to swing back and forth. Weigh Safe is a ball-mount with a built-in scale that measures tongue weight. The hitch accessory helps you distribute your load so your tongue weight is at an optimal level for safe towing.

If your main concern is safety, Weigh Safe creates peace of mind for receiver hitch customers. In fact, Weigh Safe surpasses the level of safety that gooseneck hitches can promise because of the built-in scale. When you want to take a weekend trip to the lake, you can know you are towing at a safe weight with just a glance. Every single time.