Why Choose an Adjustable Drop Hitch?

adjustable drop hitch

Adjustable drop hitches

Adjustable drop hitches are one of the many great solutions to enter the towing industry. With so many different trucks and trailers out there, adjustable drop hitches make it easy to tow numerous trailers on an array of different tow vehicles with one single hitch. They accommodate different truck and trailer heights and coupler sizes to make towing more convenient.

Adjustable drop hitches have the ability to do just that: adjust. Towing a lightweight enclosed trailer with your Toyota 4Runner but need to tow your toy hauler with your F-350? No problem! You can use the same drop hitch to tow both, all you have to do is adjust the ball mount to the correct height for both the tow vehicle and trailer, and make sure you have the right tow ball size inserted. It’s as easy as that. 

Both our Weigh Safe and 180 Adjustable Drop Hitch lines can assist you in all your towing needs. Our adjustable drop hitches are perfect to accommodate any towing application with any vehicle. Our drop hitches come in an array of different drop lengths ranging between 4 to 10 inches, each with 1” increments for adjustability. All of which can be used in both the drop and rise position for trailers that sit level lower than your tow vehicle and ones that are level above your tow vehicle receiver. 

what is an adjustable drop hitch

Our adjustable drop hitches come in 2”, 2.5” and 3” shank sizes to fit different tow vehicle receiver sizes as well as different tow ball sizes to fit any coupler size your trailer might have. We also offer both our Weigh Safe Drop Hitch in our normal brushed aluminum finish as well as a black cerakote finish and a steel version. And our 180 drop hitch line is available in both brushed aluminum and black cerakote as well.

Not only your practicality is met but your personal preference is met as well esthetically. Who says that your adjustable drop hitch has to be a boring typical hitch? We designed our hitches to be quick, easy and efficient when it comes to towing numerous different trailers on a daily basis while doing so in style. Why be kinda safe when you can be Weigh Safe!