Towing Peace of Mind

Weight Distribution Hitch Features and Benefits

Our Weigh Safe True Tow Weight Distribution Hitch includes “True Tow Technology” and comes manufactured with numerous awesome features. We will go through each feature in depth so that you can understand why this weight distribution hitch is the best on the market. The True Tow Weight Distribution Hitch comes with the following features: A […]

Weight Distribution Hitch & Weigh Safe’s True Tow Technology

Until today the towing industry has been unable to provide consumers with a weight distribution hitch that truly distributes your load. Current industry solutions have been inconclusive and unsafe, missing critical measurements to reach a true weight distribution. With our continued efforts in revolutionizing the towing industry and offering our customers a Towing Peace of […]

Steel Hitch | Weigh Safe’s First Ever Steel Tow Hitch

steel hitch

Our Weigh Safe Drop Hitch is now available in a STEEL HITCH option along with our original aluminum drop hitch. Our adjustable ball mount with a built-in scale that measures tongue weight is the only trailer hitch on the market that has this built-in scale delivering necessary tongue weight information which allows you to adjust […]

Boat Trailer Hitch | Why is Tongue Weight Important When Towing Your Boat?

boat tow hitch

Since it’s summer time, I found it only fitting to talk about towing boats. Our customer support team quite frequently receives questions from customers concerning their tongue weight when towing a boat as well as questions about whether or not they can submerge their boat trailer hitch in water while launching the boat. The tricky […]